About Me

A Quick Overview

How did I get to this state of unemployment?  Here's the story.

After highschool I went to McMaster University and got a BA in Sociology and Gerontology.  After spending two years working at horrible jobs I hated I decided to go back to school.  Mac took me back and I finished an Honours BA in Sociology and graduated summa cum laude (aka great marks!).  This helped me land a fantastic job waitressing.  When that wasn't as fulfilling as I had hoped I went back to George Brown College and suffered through another year of post secondary to get my Sociol Service Worker (SSW) diploma.  I had hoped that some practical experience and a bit more school might help me wait out the recession and get a job.

That was April 2010.  I've spent my time with short term/contract/part time jobs, but right now I have nothing.

I have just moved to Hamilton, ON.  I am adjusting to living in a 'small' city after four years in Toronto.  I recently got married.  I now spend my time staying home with our boxer puppy, sending out my resume and eating far more chocolate chips than can possibly be good for me.