Saturday, 1 October 2011

Another money making idea...

Hello Friends - I bet you are ecstatic to see what I have come up with now.  Get ready....  I have decided to sell my wedding dress.  I have now been married for almost three wonderful months, and let's be honest, the novelty has worn off.  After seven years of dating and three years of living together, married life is much like unmarried life.  Wonderful, but no reason to have 35 pounds of dress hanging in my tiny closet any longer.  To be truly honest it doesn't even fit in my closet, it is hanging on the outside door.

O I know, there are wonderful things you have do with your wedding dress after the wedding.  In twenty years I can try to wear it to a fun party that someone decides to host where we all wear our wedding dresses - but I starved my face off to fit into that thing at 26, what are the odds my ass will ever fit it in at 45?  I'm going with slim to none.

I was told to make it into the bassinet covering for my babies.  This seemed cute and sentimental, but just not practical considering my dress was mostly corset style, thousands of unnecessary buttons, and lots of fluffy fluff, not a lot of baby basket covering material. 

There is the classic - pay $200 for someone to steal it and give me a plastic covered box and say, "Don't ever open this or else it will turn yellow and fade into dust within ten minutes, you hear me Cinderella?"  I just don't really understand this.  I would love someone to explain the infatuation with a dress that will be out of style within two years being saved for all of eternity.  After I'm dead, whatever remaining friends and family I have can gaze fondly at that box and remember how I used to be young and beautiful?!?  Or, I can use it for the classic, torture my daughter and pretend she might one day want to wear my beautiful gown.  Be honest, would you wear your mother's gown?  Why the heck would a future, unborn daughter want to wear yours? 

So, I say sell it!  Sell it quickly.  I can't help but think, when I see 6-10 year old dresses advertised for sale, that there has been a divorce and the dress is now saturated in bad karma.  Sell it now.  Full of excitement and positive energy, still in style.  Pay your rent.  Take a vacation.  Buy groceries.  Focus on your marriage, the fun and excitement is all there, not in an overpriced rediculous dress.

p.s. If you are interested, it is a Pronovios Fauna, size 2, about 5'5 including my heels.  Email me.  O, and this seems to be essential in every used dress ad I have seen - it's only been worn once.   

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