Monday, 3 October 2011

Cha Cha Cha Disgusting!

I have a punch in the face that I've been waiting a long time to send out.  It is to those damn little Charmin Bears and their little bear butts.  I see this commercial all the time.  Mama Bear is upset about the state of Baby Bear's behind.  It is simply covered in toilet paper residue.  I have to see this commercial while I am eating, or trying to relax.  I have to watch this little bear wave his dirty little bear (bare?) bottom all over our television set, and quite frankly, I am sick of it.  It makes me feel physically ill.  I will admit, I am often over sensitive and have been known to cover my eyes during violent movie scenes, or graphic episodes of CSI.  But not commercials.

These bears simply reveal too much.  It is not cute.  They are gross.  I hate them.  Really and truly.  Hate!  If people all over the world are really having problems with too much toilet paper being left behind after they use the washroom, well I just don't care.  Much like yeast infection commercials, this is one I can do without.  If you are having this problem, figure out a solution quietly, you don't need a dancing bear!  Although while searching for pictures of these little bears I found this blog post that made me laugh.  Above all else, if you are going to feature dancing bears with toilet paper stuck to their butts, it is essential to be accurate, especially about the quantity of debris left behind.  Really?  Who decides if cartoon bears are not honestly displaying the correct amount of paper left behind after wiping?  Can I have that job? 

Writing this face punch reminded me of a fun bathroom display in NYC.  We were out and about for New Years Eve and needed to find a bathroom when this exciting Charmin display appeared!  Okay, Charmin, maybe you aren't all bad....  but enough with the bears!  Please.

Free bathrooms!  Yay!  This was a great way to spend a few hours in NYC!

After bathroom activities included fake tobogganning with this Charmin bear.

Cheerleading.  Do you prefer soft or strong?  What an odd and effective ad campaign.


  1. I despise the Charmin bears. Finally, someone who understands my anger when that damn youngster bear shows off his speckled rump. EW!!!!

  2. aww so many memories! but I agree, those bear bums have to go.