Sunday, 16 October 2011

Unemployment Outfits

I have been struggling for a long time as to whether or not to actually post this....  but let's be honest, I have no shame.  I think it might help people who are currently unemployed realize they are not as alone as they think they are, we are all in this together and we can help each other.

My sister writes a fantastic fashion blog you can check out here.  This post will actually be the opposite of that.  This is about what my life has become, the depths I have sunk to, and I am not really sure if I can ever recover. 

First - a little bit about myself.  I have always been too poor and not super dedicated to really get into fashion.  I had  a little while in highschool where my style might be described as 'ugly' or 'hideously bad with a side of slutty'.  I still have enough self respect to not show you any pictures from these years.  As I matured I tried to stick with classic pieces and plain colours, possibly to counteract the 4 years I spent in jeans with fuzzy purple zebra print (I wish that wasn't a true story....  dear god how much I wish that....). 

Here we go -

I wake up every morning in my pajama pants, I'm not going to lie, by 7pm I am usually back in them, drinking beer and watching tv to numb the pain of another long and boring day.  This is the look.


The pants are fairly new and cute.  I love pajama pants, but cannot wear long sleeves to bed.  Instead I wear that delightful shirt with my name on it, to remind myself who I am.  When I wake up, or before bed I often snuggle into a hideous green sweater I stole from my Mom many years ago (sorry Mom, you can have it back just as soon as I get a job!).  Please take note of the excessive holes and faded print.  Very comfy.

Sometimes I switch into my lounging pants, or leisure pants, or just 'the leis' as they are known to me and my sister (not the one that writes the fashion blog, another one).  I wear these because I cannot wear pjs all day, it makes me feel like I am 8 years old and home sick from school.  These are obviously a step up.  Karen, where can I pick up a pair of these delightful pants for my very own, you ask?  I will answer.  These pants, elastic ankles and all, were found at Walmart, in the little boys section, in a variety of boy colours like dark gray, navy, black, forest green.  While I was tempted to get more than one colour I stuck with only the light gray because it is coziest.  Also, these babies will set you back $6, so you don't want to get carried away spending money like that!


Occasionally I also have to go out in public, to do things like walk the dog, or buy groceries, or visit friends and pretend my life is not in pathetic shambles.  For these occasions I used to wear things like jeans, or cute dresses.  Since in my unemployment I have gained so much weight my jeans no longer fit, and I have a vague hope that a job will help me drop the weight, and no money to buy new jeans, I have taken to wearing sweatpants.  I also call these my 'dog walking pants' because back when I had a job I didn't think they were suitable for wearing anywhere except on muddy hikes.  Boy has unemployment shown me how wrong I was.  These are now my dress up pants!

They are always paired with my dirty Gap sweater.  Depending on the weather I sometimes also wear a vest.  When the Gap sweater is being washed I will pair these hideous pants with some other ugly sweater, but never for long, as soon as my Gap sweater is washed I put it back on.  In fact, while my husband was taking this picture he commented that I wear this particular outfit every day.

Which brings us back to pj time!  Now I am ready to be carefully tucked back into bed and go to sleep before another day of bad fashion choices and hopeless job searches.

p.s. In case you were wondering, yes my face is covered with a hideous stress rash that I no longer bother to cover with makeup, partly because it is too awful to cover, and partly because I just don't care anymore. 

My final piece of advice is, don't be afraid to mix and match.  While downloading these pictures to my computer I found this candid shot where I appear to be lounging in my leis, while wearing my Gap sweater.  That's right, the possibilities are endless.....  actually considering there are only seven pieces in my wardrobe and half of them are pajamas, and one of them is the grossest sweatpants known to mankind, I think this is the end of the possibilities.... 

What I can't figure out is what combination I would wear to a job interview if I were to ever get one.  Decisions decisions....


  1. Haha oh my gosh! Remember when I actually used to have those pants in every colour?!! That was back when mom paid for our clothes and we didn't have to concern ourselves over the six dollars... Also back in those days they probably only cost four. Inflation is getting out of hand!

  2. If only Steven & Chris and Marilyn knew ... I have a feeling we might be relegated to the back of the parking lot, never mind the back of the studio. My favourite unemployed outfit = McMaster sweater (and nope, I didn't go to Mac, but damn they make a comfy sweater ... and by 'they' I mean the 7 year old Taiwanese kids in a sweat shop), and a rotating selection of track pants from Zellers. I recently had to remove my Lulus from the rotation ... shamefully, I have gained too much unemployment weight and have outgrown my track pants. It's getting cosy here at ROCK BOTTOM!!

  3. Yes I do remember. Remember that you also had the matching turtle necks??

    Jen you are funny - and I switched the award for awkward.... I had wondered what you had meant, by 'award' I thought maybe it was some new cool slang that I was unaware of.

  4. Hey Karen,
    Just started to read your blog.. it's hilarious! and I relate so much! I signed up with a temp agency in September and finally got something with them (albiet only for three weeks, receptionist work and NOWHERE close to anything teaching related).

    P.S. I gained weight while unemployed July - October too. It sucks! But I've started watching those workout videos (rent from library = a variety of options! and FREE) and try to get in shape that way. Gyms are far too expensive.

  5. Ooo I love that library idea. I will definitely try that one. :)