Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My New Header

Hello Friends,

I have spent a rediculously long time trying to figure out a wonderful picture to put as my header.  Because what is better than a blog that you write primarily to entertain yourself about nothing and posting random pictures of yourself and pretending people care?  More writing and bigger pictures, that is what!

Let me take you through the thought process that went along with this.  First - I had a cute picture of me and Regis cuddling on the couch.  Fine.  Then I couldn't make it fit, and I tried to google search how to do it and the answer said something about checking the html.  Once I got up from rolling on the floor with laughter at imagining myself knowing what 'html' meant I realized there was a button I could click to make the picture fit.

But, seriously?  Enough of the dog pictures, he is adorable, but I don't need to be the internet equivalent of a crazy cat lady.  (Side note - speaking of crazy, I was at a course this morning and just noticed I am still wearing my name tag 3 hours later and clearly walked home with it on.  Oops...). 

So I looked at all of my pictures to try to find a new one, but I'm not sure what I'm trying to express here.  I was going to put on of me lounging by a pool, but maybeit would undermine the seriousness of my job search.  Then I was going to put one of me sitting by the Grand Canyon, to look artistic and contemplative about my future, but that seemed like a bit of a stretch for me.

I finally went with this one - me at a slot machine.  I thought it seemed fun and cute, gambling on my future, my ability to get a job, but still like to have a good time.  You might not want to employ me, but I'm okay, you haven't worn me down.  I look adorable and like to go out and have fun still.  I do not sit around in leisure pants and cry every day.  Nope, not this girl!  Yes, that is the right picture and vibe for my blog.  Definitely!

I got it all posted and went to check out my blog.  Well what do you know, apparently in order to make the picture fit blogger decided on a close up of my face (which is looking a little sweaty, I'm willing to admit), no real shot of the slot machine, and a full ashtray in the background.  I assure you I do not smoke, if you know me you will know I get headaches easily and am a bit of a whiner, and cigarette smoke makes me extremely dramatic, causing me to complain of being about to vomit, becoming quite dizzy, vision loss, and also ruining my hair. 

Anyway, I have decided to leave the picture because I thought maybe blogger was foreshadowing my future as a compulsive gambler, who takes up smoking, and has awful shiny gross skin.  I mean, let's be real, my skin isn't great to start with, and this picture has nothing on my current stress rash, but it can only go downhill from here. 

If you have any better ideas for a picture, let me know, otherwise I will try to come up with something on my own.  Do not be alarmed if I change it frequently over the next weeks.  It is all part of me trying out my new awesome blogging skills!

O - just in case you were wondering - here is the original picture...


  1. Is that slot machine called 'Kitty Glitter'? What does that even mean? A cat covered in glitter (why), glitter made out of cats (oh, sweet lord no!), or is it a cat stripper named 'Kitty Glitter'? So many questions!

    Also, cute pic! :)

  2. Just noticed the name of the slot machine on your left. Where was this picture taken? These are some rather 'suspicious' (read suggestive) slot machines ...

  3. I should have never posted that picture.... None of your business Jen! Go get a job, stop asking me so many questions!! haha

    It was in Vegas, and I can only assume that they are both suspicious and suggestive names and mean entirely inappropriate things that my sweet innocent little brain can not fathom.