Saturday, 1 October 2011

Punch in the Face #3

This is going to sound like a petty complaint...  you will think, "Karen, you do nothing with your life, you have nothing but time to waste every day, shut up already."  Now you have been warned.  If you still want to hear my sad story, please continue reading.  *Cue very tiny violins*

This has been an especially busy move in/out month in our apartment building, I was told 40 apartments are changing hands for October.  Do this math for me, will you?  40 apartments, 4 elevators, minus 2 elevators that are broken, minus 1 elevator on service for the cleaning staff, minus 2 elevators that are on service for move ins, minus 4 elevators that once they go to the basement skip the ground floor, leaving crowds of people stranded waiting on the ground floor while they carry on up to floor 26 with only a single person.  To top it off, today was flea and heartworm medication day for my puppy.  To put it gently, this medicine makes his sensitive stomach 'upset' the day he takes it.  There is absolutely no time to wait fifteen minutes for the elevator to dilly dally about, being repaired and cleaning floors and moving in new people.  This is especially frustrating because it has been going on since Wednesday and shows no sign of stopping.

I am giving this face punch to the higher powers in this building who have allowed so many new people to move in and take over our elevators.  Who are these new people?  We don't know them.  They could be serial killers, or loud music players, or people who throw items off their balconies.  We have no reason to trust them, no reason to give them our precious elevator space.  This is simply madness.  To inconveniance good, rent paying, quiet, perfectly lovely tenants for the sake of these unknown strangers simply doesn't make any kind of sense.

I am also face punching the elevators themselves.  Elevators, why must you break down?  Why do you always need to be repaired and even after being repaired are still broken?  I can't understand why you continue to torture me.  Remember the time you locked me and my dog in your moving coffin of a body?  Must I really endure more than that?  Is it because my New Year's Resolution was to take the stairs every day and in the last ten months I have taken the stairs approximately twice?  Is this my punishment?  I apologize.  I will try harder.  I promise.  But for now I must punch your face, don't take it personally.

Finally, this one is where it gets personal.  Today, after waiting an obscene ten whole minutes to get on an elevator, a man who was clearly moving in, filled an elevator, taking enough room for at least two people, with his foot stools and clear plastic container.  You are the new one here, show some respect, do the right thing, don't start on the wrong foot.  BOOK A GODDAM ELEVATOR!!!!!!    Consider your face punched sir.  Welcome to the building.

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