Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I Wouldn't Bet on this Winning Idea

You may think that I waste my days away with napping and dog walking and half hearted internet job searches, but let me tell you, I have been working very hard this weekend to come up with this post for you.  By weekend, I mean Monday, I seem to have lost all track of what day it is and especially what number.  When people say things like, "Thursday the 29th" I forget what that means.....  I stare blankly and think, "Is that the 29th Thursday to ever occur?  How many weeks would that be?  No that is not enough for even one year....  maybe they started counting in the beginning of two thousand and whatever year we are in.....  Frick!"  I feel like a six year old in the middle of summer vacation.  I used to think my parents were super geniuses for being able to keep track of the days and weeks and months that happened between June and September.

The point of my story is not that my brain has devolved back to the state it was in twenty years ago.  The point of this story is I spent all day Monday at the horse races in Fort Erie to see if gambling is a viable source of income.  I reached the conclusion that no, it is in fact, not a good way to make money.  Over the entire afternoon I won $6.  Unfortunately I had to spend $16 to make my $6 making the day rather unprofitable.

Let me tell you about horse races.  I went with my Mom and Grandmother.  We had lunch beforehand and got to stay at our table inside to watch the races, this had the added bonus of being close to the betting station, air conditioning, and television screens to watch how close your horse was to winning.  When you are betting on horses you can bet that your horse will win the race, place (first or second), or show (top three).  I discovered I have a knack for picking the horse that will stay in first place throughout the entire race, no matter what length the race is, and then in the final seconds will drop back to fourth place, earning me only humilitation and defeat. 

Overall the day was a lot of fun, and if you somehow have both time and money to spare I would recommend it.  But fun was not what I went for.  I went to earn money and try to become a contributing partner in my marriage.  I failed horribly and miserably.  The only redeeming factor was that my Mom was on such a hot streak and in her delighted haze of winning picked up the tab for lunch. 

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