Thursday, 15 September 2011

Martini Night!!

Wednesday night is Martini Night at Hey Lucy's in Toronto and you can find a wonderfully long list of martinis for only $4.  This is usually a delicious night of fun, but unfortunately this Wednesday found me without even the required $4 (which almost certainly turns into a need for $8....  and then $12..... and then another $6 for sweet potato fries...etc....). 

Instead of moping around about it I hosted my own martini night.  We mixed up cocktails in chocolate and raspberry (I tried to make the experience authentic by sugar rimming the glasses and putting ju jubes in the bottom of blue raspberry martinis for my friends - just as adorable as Hey Lucy's!).  The evening progressed to drinking pink beer and wine out of martini glasses, and eating copious amounts of chocolate cake, but this happens to the best of us I'm sure. 

In the end - my Thursday morning conclusion is that free martinis are better than $4 martinis.  The only damper to the night was when a few people had to leave early because of work in the morning.  Don't worry - there's always enough of us who are unemployed to keep the party going. 

Bored, poor and in need of an excuse to drink liquor?  My suggestion is a home made martini night.  Do you have a great recipe for next Wednesday?

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